Why learn about wine?

Have you only ever seen wine as just an alcoholic drink? Have you never understood why people spit and swirl wine around in their glasses? Are you curious about how individual aromas and flavours are created in wine?
Here are 5 +1 reasons why you should look at the interesting and exciting world of wine tasting:

1. It’s a great opportunity to chat and get to know other people:

  • Meet your friends, sit in a wine bar and impress them with your expertise.
  • Wine courses and wine tastings are great opportunities to get to know people, as wine is a drink that you can enjoy in the company of others.
  • In your professional life, you can gain prestige and dazzle your boss or customers with your wine knowledge at a dinner meeting.

2. Personal satisfaction:

  • You will not need the help of the sommelier in restaurants, as you’ll know what kind of wine best suits the dish you’ve chosen.
  • You’ll be able to buy wine in the store with confidence and won’t need to spend hours choosing the right bottle.
  • You can use your wine knowledge to help you find your favourite winery or preferred wine.
  • Travel and holidays will take on a whole new meaning, with the enchanting landscapes of the wine regions coming to the fore.

3. You will learn how to get the most out of wine:

  • The importance of storing wines properly to avoid certain wine faults.
  • Serving wines at the right temperature is crucial during tasting.
  • Your flavour and aroma experience is greatly influenced by choosing the right wine glass and holding it correctly.

4. You will also develop your senses and existing knowledge:

  • You will sharpen your sense of smell.
  • You will develop your sense of taste, which will also be of great help in gastronomy.
  • You will not only learn about wine, but, for example, you will also improve your knowledge of geography immensely.

5. You own or inherit a hectare or so of vines and want to know what makes a good wine.

  • You will gain comprehensive knowledge about wine regions, grape varieties and winemaking principles.
  • You can learn how to reach a new target audience with your wines, or just how to break into the domestic or international market.
  • Using the knowledge you have gained, you will be able to analyse your wine styles and quality with confidence.

+1. And finally, because wine is a great way to enjoy yourself, you can learn while you are drinking.

The structure of our training system

Why choose Borkollégium?

Mészáros Gabriella
We were the country’s first wine school, thus have the most experience.
You will not only taste a wide range of wines, but wines of extremely high quality.
Should a wine seem flawed, it will be replaced.
We make learning easy, with a pleasant environment and comfortable atmosphere.
Our educators work to the highest of standards.
We are the only school in Hungary to offer students constantly updated textbooks, right from the very beginning.
You will get answers to all your questions. However, if our educators, very occasionally, can’t give you an answer right away, they’ll come back to you with it the next day.
Knowledge-based education is of paramount importance to us, and we aim to offer our students the best knowledge available.