László Bálint
DipWSET, lecturer, Borkollégium educator

Kristian Kielmayer
DipWSET, economist, winemaker, lecturer, member of the National Wine Expert Committee, Borkollégium educator

Attila Petzold
Certified food engineer, spirits expert

Sue Tolson
DipWset, Vinitaly Italian Wine Expert, MW student, wine writer and specialist translator

Mátyás Szik
WSET Level 3 Awarded, Court of Masters sommeliers Certified Sommelier, Three-time Hungarian champion sommelier

Tamás Czinki
Master Sommelier

Dr. Mihály Konkoly
DipWSET, agricultural economist, winemaker

Robert Smyth
DipWSET, wine writer, communicator, wine tour guide

Csaba Harmath
WSET diploma student, gastronomy expert, Borkollégium educator

Mariann Kollár
DipWSET, certified winemaker, consultant to the Theatre of Wine in London

Fanni Piskor
Viticultural and winemaking engineer, WSET Level 3 Awarded, Borkollégium educator

István Tábor
Director, Borkollégium

The structure of our training system

Why choose Borkollégium?

Mészáros Gabriella
We were the country’s first wine school, thus have the most experience.
You will not only taste a wide range of wines, but wines of extremely high quality.
Should a wine seem flawed, it will be replaced.
We make learning easy, with a pleasant environment and comfortable atmosphere.
Our educators work to the highest of standards.
We are the only school in Hungary to offer students constantly updated textbooks, right from the very beginning.
You will get answers to all your questions. However, if our educators, very occasionally, can’t give you an answer right away, they’ll come back to you with it the next day.
Knowledge-based education is of paramount importance to us, and we aim to offer our students the best knowledge available.