Cooperation opportunities

Borkollégium is seeking cooperation partners

Borkollégium’s aim is to reach as many wine lovers as possible. The school is seeking partners to organise courses for themselves and/or others in other towns or even in Budapest, so that company employees, groups of friends and other wine lovers can also profit from wine education.
We provide the following for the course:
  • full curriculum and syllabus at four levels (introductory, foundation, intermediate and advanced)
  • up-to-date learning materials
  • renowned educators and presenters
  • presentation materials, techniques and notes necessary to master the curriculum
  • additional teaching aids
  • wine flights, wine lists (12, 35, 45 and 75 wines for each level)
  • glass placement sheets
  • conducting exams, issuing certificates
  • online application form, customer service assistance           
  • organising educators’ travel (bearing travel expenses)
We expect the following from our partners:
  • student enrolment, local communication activities
  • provision of a room for the training
  • provision of water and baguette/white bread
  • tasting glasses (3 per person)
  • course assistant (1 person)
  • provision of accommodation for our educators (for a multi-day course)
Contact person for application:
Henriett Trinfa
+36 70 622-1060
About Borkollégium:
Borkollégium was the first wine school in Hungary and the first Hungarian centre for London-based Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), now an international standard. Borkollégium has been delivering wine knowledge training since 1991 and has operated in an institutionalised form since 1996. It obtained WSET accreditation in 2005 but had followed the organisation’s educational schema prior to that.
The wine school has already trained more than 5,000 students at various levels, including the managers, winemakers and sommeliers of various wineries, restaurants and hotels (you can see our reference organisations on our website). The school’s educator’s include renowned experts, international wine academics and Master of Wine students. Uniquely, it offers students its own textbooks, while its name is also connected to the following publications: Terra Benedicta - Tokaj and Beyond, the Book of Hungarian Wines and the Wine Guide (which ran to 16 editions).

Why choose Borkollégium?

Mészáros Gabriella
We were the country’s first wine school, thus have the most experience.
You will not only taste a wide range of wines, but wines of extremely high quality.
Should a wine seem flawed, it will be replaced.
We make learning easy, with a pleasant environment and comfortable atmosphere.
Our educators work to the highest of standards.
We are the only school in Hungary to offer students constantly updated textbooks, right from the very beginning.
You will get answers to all your questions. However, if our educators, very occasionally, can’t give you an answer right away, they’ll come back to you with it the next day.
Knowledge-based education is of paramount importance to us, and we aim to offer our students the best knowledge available.